World Traveler Bangle

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"We Travel Not To Escape Life But For Life Not To Escape Us."

The essence of traveling allows us to explore & deeper understand the world in which we live and transform our perceptions of what is truly possible.

With this philosophy in mind, we went hard to work & partnered with a paramount jeweler here in the US to bring to life this paramount design that would act as a beacon. A beacon that would symbolize that to all those that gaze upon it that traveling reveals truths behind illusions that the world often bestows upon us.

As a way of paying homage to our roots, it was important for us to team up with a home grown jeweler here inside the US that would meticulously craft our bangle with attention to detail as the primary focus.
No one wants or should accept cookie cutter designs! A bangle isn't merely a fashion piece but a reflection of our inner being that we can proudly project to the world. 
We all come from different places, have different stories, and it's in those differences that make each and everyone one of us unique. The glass face, water resistant bangle encompasses all of these ideals while simultaneously unifying us all, because true travelers don't see barriers.
  • Crafted in Surgical Steel & Shatterproof Glass
  • Water Resistant
  • Comes with Gift Box
  • Bangle Adjustable 8"-9"
  • Pendant Measure 23.5mm Diameter
  • Made in USA (New Jersey)
Special Note For Holidays:
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For International Customers, order by December 5th to receive your order in time for the holidays.